Foreverbreathe™ Specification

Sustainable Development is described in specific documents as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. When this definition is applied to the building industry there is no room for materials or specifications that do not provide this outcome. It is Health Based Building’s commitment to Sustainable Development that brought Foreverbreathe Specification to market.

Foreverbreathe Specification brings a combination of vapour permeable building materials together to ensure the built environment is able to migrate moisture away from the indoor space with minimum energy use. Adhering to aims of sustainable development ensures these materials do not contain chemicals or the ability to release chemicals that could impact indoor air quality and the environment.

Foreverbreathe Specification provides energy efficiency and air quality via not bringing Asthmagens to the built environment and not requiring whole home mechanical ventilation systems. The specification is based on the airtight principle to reduce air exchanges and natural infiltration of air and moisture to establish the required air quality and air exchanges per hour.

A vast percentage of moisture within air infiltration is managed via the specifications breathable components. These components, inclusive of insulation are built to manage moisture transfer and conversion within wall and ceiling cavities. Local exhaust ventilation (LEV) is included in locations that create high levels of moisture, kitchens, bathrooms etc. Velux solar powered window technology is included to further ventilate moisture and reduce temperature on demand 

Foreverbreathe Specification positions “let the built environment do the work” as the first principle in design. Removing moisture via the built environment puts less dependency on heating and cooling systems. By this approach energy use is reduced with sustainable materials embedded to establish good air quality and sustainable outcomes.

Make your space a healthy place

For more detail on Foreverbreathe Specification visit the Foreverbreathe Demonstration Facility Online or visit the facility after completion in June 2020.